About Al-Masdar

Al-Masdar “The Source”

Welcome to Al-Masdar. We invite you to explore topics on teaching the Arabic language and Arab culture.

One of the greatest challenges facing Arabic teachers as well as non-language teachers is a lack of high quality, easily searchable K-12 Arabic language and Arab culture materials that can be quickly adapted and used in the classroom.  To address this very real need, QFI is proud to present Al-Masdar, the source for Arabic language and Arab culture teaching materials, opportunities, news, and events relevant to both teachers and students. Al-Masdar is a single source for teachers to create, publish, and collaborate with colleagues on materials developed for their classrooms.

Al-Masdar is divided into two categories: Arabic Language Teaching Resources and Arab Society and Culture Teaching Resources. Al-Masdar provides the resources teachers need to create effective classrooms along with a listing of academic and professional opportunities for teachers, as well as a robust database of Arabic language and culture materials and programs. The platform, launched in November 2013, was initially created in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and the Center for the Languages, Arts and Societies of the Silk Road (CLASSRoad) as a free Open Education Resource (OER) site for Arabic Language teachers. As Arabic Language and Arab Culture teachers began offering feedback and clarifying their needs, QFI partnered with CLASSRoad to outline next steps for evolving Al-Masdar as a standalone site.

QFI formed a Teacher Advisory Board whose members researched, developed and catalogued additional content, increasing the number of relevant and trusted resources. In addition to the diverse OER and non-OER resources available, the site also serves as a meeting point for teachers to collaborate, share, recommend, and rate materials, learn about scholarships and fellowships for students, teacher-training opportunities, workshops and conferences related to Arabic language and Arab culture.

We invite you to explore Al-Masdar.