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In the Arabic Language section of Al-Masdar you can access a variety of teaching resources that can be used in the classroom. To facilitate this process, content is presented thematically, featuring the most commonly taught themes in Arabic language classrooms as informed by teachers. The Browse section on this page allows you to make more specific searches on Al-Masdar, and also provides you with the option of searching for the newest in addition to the most viewed/recommended resources on the site.


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Arabiyyat al-Naas
School Level:

Description from textbook website: ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part One) offers a groundbreaking introduction to Arabic as it is written and spoken by native speakers. It combines a progressive and rigorous grounding in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) – the form …

Brazil Curriculum Unit – Supporting Materials
School Level: Middle/High School

This folder includes supporting material, activity worksheets, lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, links to youtube videos, games, and assessments that can be used to implement the Brazil Arabic curriculum units 1-4.   يتضمن هذا الملف بعض الأد …

Clone of Cross-Cultural Exchange on the Trans-Saharan Trade Routes: A Cooperative Group-Work Mini-Unit
School Level: Middle/High School

Mini-Unit Objective: Students will analyze the effects of geography on and cultural interchange between Islam and West Africa by examining and creating a creative presentation using primary sources and artifacts relating to trans-Saharan trade and adap …

Compare and Contrast the Empires: Rome, China, and the Ottoman Empire
School Level: Middle/High School

Purpose: Students will compare and contrast the great empires of The Ottoman Empire, Rome, and China learning similarities and differences between the empires. Objectives Students will be able to identify and explain common factors empires share Studen …

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The Alphabets and Their Positions

This alphabet sheet is very comprehensive as it explores all of the letters in the alphabet. It provides an explanation of the short and long vowels using transliteration to establish the distinct sounds. It also lists all of the letters attached to th …

Syria Behind the Lines

This political film speaks about the war in Syria. Both views of the war are presented. It is a  good reference film for high school and university students.

“The Three Fish” – “السمكات الثلاثة”
School Level: Elementary

Entitled “السمكات الثلاثة” (“The Three Fish”), this is a short story that is part of the MBC3 for Kids series; and was inspired by the tales of “Kalila and Dimna.” The story is presented through an interactive application making the characters and page …

Review of Level 1 Arabic (10 Lesson Plans)
School Level: Elementary

This document is composed of 10 lesson plans that make up a review of level 1 Arabic. These resources were created for level 2 elementary students of Arabic. The lesson plans are guided by the ACTFL standards.

Arabic and Islamic Science and Its Influence on the Western Scientific Tradition

From the Library of Congress’ World Digital Library comes this set of articles detailing Islamic contributions to Western science. Four major topics covered are: mathematics, astronomy, medicine, and technology. Each topic includes a selection of relev …

Muslim Heritage

This website offers a variety of articles, slideshows, and videos covering contributions from the Islamic world to global civilization. Students can explore various historical figures, from cultural icons to medieval scientists, to learn how they have …

Nature Middle East: Emerging Science in the Arab World

Nature Middle East compiles articles on scientific and medical research performed in the Middle East and by people from the Middle East. Current articles are freely accessed, while archives may require a subscription. There is also a blog entitled “Hou …


Jadaliyya is an online news and academic journal sponsored by the Arab Studies Institute. Jadaliyya offers academic articles on current events and themes in the Middle East in multiple languages. Articles tend to offer critical insight into the Middle …