An Era of Restrictions & Bans: Collecting Oral Histories: A Professional Development Course for Teachers

Contributed By: Jill
Organizing Institution: The Middle East Institute, Columbia University
Contact Name: Dahlia El Zein
Contact email:
Start Date: July 20, 2018
End Date: July 21, 2018
Cost: Free
Teachers College, Columbia Unviersity


Information from event website:

Documenting memories, from which meaning can be preserved and drawn out, is at the heart of oral history. Everyday personal commentaries that escape our collective attention are recorded through well-designed recorded interviews. Recordings are then transcribed, summarized, or indexed and then archived or disseminated in various formats. The method of collecting oral history can easily be developed as a project for students in many grades, one which opens up ways of knowing (literacy, developing research skill sets, networking, publishing) from community members and the significance of documenting localized memories.

Guided by an anthropologist of education, Dr. Amina Tawasil, Lecturer of Anthropology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, participants will be go through every step and angle of developing and executing an oral history project.

The course is organized by the Middle East Institute at Columbia University and has been approved by the NYC Department of Education After School Professional Development Program for professional development credit. If you are a teacher and would like to take the course for PD credit, please register directly on the NYC DOE After School Professional Development Program website and also on the Middle East Institute website through this Google Form. Further details about registration is provided below.

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