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Lesson Plan: World War I in the Middle East - Analyzing Primary Sources

This lesson helps students to develop their reading, writing, and analytical skills, while also learning more about World War I
and the modern Middle East as part of the World History curriculum. Students
will read primary accounts (diaries and newspaper accounts), analyze visual images
(photographs, drawings), conduct research, and write/create a documentary or “news

In this lesson, students read a brief overview of World War I in the
Middle East. Pairing with a partner, students analyze 3 documents: a diary or
other personal account, a contemporary newspaper article, and a photo/drawing. Students then
share what they have learned with the class. Finally, in groups of 3 or 4, students research
and create either a short documentary film OR a performance project on a topic related to
World War I in the Middle East.

University of Arizona, Center for Middle East Studies
Lisa Adeli


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